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Mod Post: End of 2007

This is the end of the 2007 gift exchange!* Thank you to everyone who took part - we hope you enjoyed making and receiving Robin Hood presents. :)

Hopefully, the fandom will still be big this time next year and we'll see you all back here again. However, what would be really helpful to us is if you could leave us feedback to this post over here. It doesn't have to be long or detailed (and all comments are screened) - just what you thought did and didn't work. Pretty please? Things won't get changed if you don't give us feedback.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated. We couldn't have done it without you.

Good luck for 2008,

The Sheriff & Sir Guy.

*There is one exception: hello_babyy's original gifter is still without their computer and, we hope, will post as soon as is possible.
Ahh, the last of my gifts! 

It is your RobinMuch icon which is my icon for this post! 

I'm sorry it's so short...it turns out you can onnly upload 40KB or under. And it's not a smooth video clip, because I don't know how to make them. It's the pictures shot together.

But I hope you like it all the same.

And I won't be offended if you don't use it.

...Merry Christmas. =] 

Intense xx

for macphista, with love

Noble outlaw – 

there has been an unexpected delay while Father Christmas was struggling to deliver your gift; henceforth, I, your humble servant, beg your pardon and hope that you will still accept this as it is, and mayhaps even enjoy it. May you have a Happy New Year, filled with everything that your heart might desire, and I also would like to believe that you had a most enchanting Christmas.

And by the by, in the event that you like it, I'll gladly write a sequel.


Title: A Time For Love, And A Time For Hate
Characters/Pairing: Marian. Guy/Marian.
Disclaimer: The Robin Hood, BBC show belongs entirely to its writers and production team; there is no copyright infringement intended, and I am making not money out of writing this. The featured lyrics belong to Sisters of Mercy.
Genre: Angst. Romance.
Rating: R, only to be safe.
Word count: Approximately 1400.
A/N: This fic is a Christmas gift for macphista, with my compliments. She has asked for Guy/Marian angsty, sexy moments. As for timing, it belongs to the first season (I haven't seen the second, yet), and you can consider it an AU since the two characters should have got married.




*slides in quickly*

This is a very late offering for jazzfic. You asked for Much and I deliver him, albeit at the last minute and under the influence of cold medicine. There were so many fun possibilities to explore with Much that instead of a large fic, I offer you a series of drabbles which I’ve tried to organize as best as possible. Contains Robin and Much as friends, Much’s terrible singing and some cute Much and Djaq(as well as some Much/Djaq) moments! Spoilers for Series Two Finale.

Read more...Collapse )

Mod Post: Deadline Reminder and Feedback



You have one day left to post your gifts. Please do so before 12am midnight GMT on the 5th of January. (6 am EST)

Thank you so much to all those who have already posted their gifts. Remember it does not need to be a masterpiece (although if it is that's great); the key is to ensure everyone recieves a gift.

If there are any problems please email us at secretsheriff [at] gmail [dot] com.


Please take a second to give feedback of all kinds to this post here. We appreciate any and all thoughts that can make this even better next year.

....I'm running out of titles now.

....I'm also running out of clever comments to write here. 

For Rochvelleth, a MuchRobin fic...Treat Much Right, Robin! Well, he doesn't really at the start, but by the end, he's beginning to. =]

It's kind of in three short parts...a Much POV, a Robin POV, and then narritive. So hopefully, enjoy! 


Happy...Second of January?

=] Happy Second Of January!! Yayy!! 

This is a DoubleDrabble for Rochvelleth, and it stars Sheriff/Robin! I don't know why it came out short...but maybe you'll like it anyway?

That was fun. :)

So I've got two days left, which should fit in perfectly with my presents! I hope you're still liking all of them.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Rochvelleth! 

=] Yes, I'm still going. Yay! 

Here is the link to your youtube video for MuchRobin! 

WARNING: It contains a little more storyline than the last (pfft), and so much fluff you may want to be sick. Extreme!fluff, Redeemed!Allan, InDenial!Robin and ConfessingAll!Much are all included! Woo. 


Hope you like it. :)

Mod Post: Feedback

On behalf of myself and my mod-in-chief, the phenomenal fyrethief, I'd like to say that running this community has been very enjoyable. Thank you all for responding so enthusiastically and being so willing to volunteer as beta readers and back-up gifters. You're a great bunch of people.

It is very possible that this will run again next Christmas! In view of this, we would really appreciate any thoughts, feedback or suggestions you had to offer. These can be general or specific; anything you think worked particularly well or that could be improved upon.

Thank you very much. Comments to this post have been screened.

Mod Post: Deadline Extension

We still have four participants still left to post, or in the process of posting.


In view of this and sundry crises, we have decided to have a blanket extension. You may post your gifts until the 4th of January. Obviously the sooner you post your gifts, the better. However, hopefully this allows for any crises you might be currently undergoing! Please contact us at secretsheriff@gmail.com if you cannot make your gift so we can organise a back-up gifter.

Also, a wee plea. If you could tag your entries with "gifts 2007" and the name of your recipient, that would save us from doing so. It makes the post easier to find. Thank you!