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Secret Sheriff: Robin Hood Gift Exchange
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Robin Hood BBC Secret Santa
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This community is a Secret Santa for the BBC TV show Robin Hood. You send a gift, you get a gift in return. Just post a request before the sign up deadline, and in return you'll receive someone else's request to complete. Above all, have fun!

THIS COMMUNITY IS NOW CLOSED UNTIL CHRISTMAS 2008. Please come back and join in with the fun then! :)

Sign-ups will run until December 9, 2007.
Gifts should be posted from December 24, 2007 to January 1, 2008.

When you post your request, please use the following format:
Email address: I'll send your request to complete to this address. Don't want to list it in public? Send it (with your LJ username) to secretsheriff@gmail.com.
What I'd like: List what you'd like to receive, being as specific as you can. For example, including characters, genres, themes, etc. The more possibilities you can give, the better.
What I can do: Here's where you list everything you're willing to create as a gift for someone else. Please let us know what you're capable/willing to do.
What I can't do: If there's something that you don't have the ability/software/time to do, or you particularly don't like, please let us know. That helps everyone get a request they can complete, and everyone then gets a gift. :)

You can request anything from fics, icons, banners/headers, wallpapers, picspams, videos, fanmixes. Anything you can think of - though I can't promise that you'll get it. The more options you leave for your Secret Sheriff, the happier they'll be.

Please post your request as a new post in the community. After the sign-up deadline, requests will be sent out secretly by the maintainers to your private email address.

Questions? Comment here.
Happy to beta read for secretsheriff fic writers? Comment here.
As awesome as Much and happy to volunteer as a back-up gifter? Comment here.

I realise that we're running out of time this year. I'm working as fast as I can to get this all up and running to give you as long as possible to work on your gifts. Please bear with me!

Credit goes to lalumena for the name and idea; inspiration and general formats borrowed liberally from vm_santa and pd_santa.

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