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...Still Christmas.

I'm gonna assume I have permission to post one at a time, so here is your next gift Rochvelleth!


A YouTube-hosted video that you requested of Allan/Guy/Sheriff. There's a special (very long) note for you under the author's comment section, which inclues a rant at Bill Gates, various activites I took part in whilst trying to make my computer accept season two clips (unsuccesfully, I'm sorry to say), an apology for the terrible result, and finally, a confession for desire of cookies, which are the only thing that could make me feel better right now, other than you telling me that it's okay. [And of course, the icons that were my gift from bj_4ever. They still make me grin. :D ] So I'm off to get cookies, and I hope beyond hope you like enjoy grudgingly accept have a good laugh at me and my gift, at the very least.

Merry Christmas again, and here are some of the cookies I just got. *hands over*


Just in there

Name : vhari
Recipient : elvenjen4
Happy Holidays ^_^

Will/Djaqfic/iconsCollapse )

Just under the wire - kinda!

To: fisher_queen who wanted some angsty Will and wasn't averse to him getting hurt...

Warm wishes from: gregoria44

Rating: PG so far...

Word Count: 1,396 so far

Summary: Will wants Allan to tell him why.

Message for fisher_queen: This grew and grew and now it's become a bit of an epic. I didn't want to rush the ending, so for now, I hope you will accept this as a part one of probably two. More to follow very soon - it won't let me go!

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Merry Late Christmas!

Name: clinicallybored
Recipient: ginnystar

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hello_babyy's gift has been delayed due to problems with her gifter's computer (this seems to be somewhat of an epidemic at present). Huge thanks for letting us know, we really appreciated it.

So in the meantime, since there is no idea when said computer might be up and running and again, here is a small Will/Allan themed present post. Thanks so much to snugduff for being a fantastic back-up gifter and supplying the drabble!

Name: Fic by snugduff, icons by lalumena.
Recipient: hello_babyy

Presents contain spoilers for the season finale...Collapse )

*flail* Late to the part-haaaay?

Name: halfapint
Recipient: thinklast

Hello, my dear. ^_^;; I have... Three parts of your gift. It's sort of a five part fic, + continuation/potentially badly written NC-17 goodness, and eventually a video I'd started making too. :P Unfortunately the 2 parts + continuation porn will be up tomorrow (being it's stuck on my mum's computer) and the video... will be in your posession WELL after the deadline because my dad's computer (which has ALL my footage on it!) has temporarily died and is in the process of being resurrected.

Hopefully I have done you some justice with these? And perhaps these will sate until tomorrow? (They do get... better. And less... silly/dramatic. ^_^;; Or, at least, the last three parts will be...? XD)

Title: Stubborn
Summary: They like each other. They show it, they act on it; they just won't admit to it.
Disclaimer: Not mine. If I could? Your Christmas present, but I can't. ;_;

Part 1: Dungeons and Dead Men ~ Will dislikes his new cellmate. 1x01.

Part 2: Durnkard's Dare ~ Allan's drunk. So is everyone else. Any time between 1x02 and 1x04.

Part 3: Cart Secrets ~ Allan and Will are stuck in a cart. 1x04.

More to come soooooon...~
Some hope after the finale!

For munchinknott:  I know this close to the deadline, but I am glad I waited to after the finale to finish and post it.  Hopefully, it will help heal your guything (mine is a little bruised).



Have a Happy New Year's!

Merry LATE Christmas

Name: xox_intense
Recipitant: Rochvelleth

Ohhhh, the horror and shame! *hides in corner* I am so terribly sorry for my appalling lateness. My only excuse is that my computer died. We had to have someone out to fix it. but still! I am SO SORRY that you had to wait for your presents, Rochvelleth! I say presents, becasue if my computer doesn't break again, and things go as planned, I should be posting them over the next days. However, I may have to ask fryethief for a slight extension- the presents are made, but my orginal plan was to post them one a day- this would go over the first of Jan. Would this be acceptable? If not, I shall have to post them all at once, hopefully tomorrow. 

But for now, here is your first present, and I apologise a million times over for the lateness! 
BTW: Spoilers for the series finale..There's a short author's note explaining.

Gift for telynmurali

Sorry it's a bit later than I'd like!

Title: Time of My Life
Author: </a></b></a>velvet_midnight
Characters/Pairings: Much, Djaq, Much/Djaq
Warnings: little, tiny, minor spoilers for series 2
Notes: written for the </a></b></a>secretsheriff gift exchange, for </a></b></a>telynmurali. I really loved writing Much/Djaq, as I really love the pairing. Hope you like!
Title: The Surprise
Author: elvenjen4
Gift For: mydoctortennant (Robin/Marian fluff)

This is my first foray into Robin Hood fic, so I hope you like it! Beware, it's long, and this is some serious fluff. ;) I decided to go AU with it, and I possibly mangled a little history as well. (If BBC does it, so can I.) No spoilers here, just general Season 2 references.

Robin's got a secret...Collapse )