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This is a very late offering for jazzfic. You asked for Much and I deliver him, albeit at the last minute and under the influence of cold medicine. There were so many fun possibilities to explore with Much that instead of a large fic, I offer you a series of drabbles which I’ve tried to organize as best as possible. Contains Robin and Much as friends, Much’s terrible singing and some cute Much and Djaq(as well as some Much/Djaq) moments! Spoilers for Series Two Finale.

Fast Friends
The mill wasn’t bad when it came down to it. Robin thought he might be comfortable here forever As long as he could keep hidden beneath these sacks of flour, it wasn’t so bad. And then the sacks he’d crawled under were lifted. Robin cringed and tried to hide again, they’d probably send him home now, but the miller’s boy just blinked a couple times until he got his mouth working. “What are you doing here? You look half starved , I’ll see what I can sneak to you.” Even before he knew his name, Much had been Robin’s friend.

Minor Details
It’s pretty bad when it’s the peasant who speaks better French, but Robin’s always been content to let Much take care of minor details and Much somehow has an ear for it, which helps them out in Richard’s camp on many an occasion. It’s Much who handles all of it, though Robin hardly ever thanks him and he knows it. Maybe, Robin thinks, as they make their way home, that freeing him can be the start of something. When that something doesn’t come, its just another minor detail yet again. Robin knows he’s lucky that Much doesn’t seem to mind.

Not Much
He wasn’t much when he was born, that’s what his mother’s always said, before she added that he came to be more. Maybe that’s the reason that he tries so hard, he likes when he can make things better, ease somebody’s pains a little. When Djaq seems like she’s a little sad, Much tries to make that better too. The way that things are going, he thinks he’s made a decent job of it when Djaq turns to him now. That’s probably why Much can guess before she says it that it’s Will she loves. He wishes it were him.

Day Off?
Being Much for a day isn’t easy. So far, Djaq’s burnt the breakfast, Robin’s broken half the dishes, all Allan’s managed to do is scatter dirt and no one wants to think about what the mushrooms that Will picked are now making them do. They’d meant to give him a day off, Much knows that, but on the other hand, he’s itching to pick up the broom and set things to rights. They’re so proud of themselves though, that Much doesn’t dare. Tomorrow will be soon enough to set it all to rights. If they manage to live that long.

Will’s Mushrooms
Everyone felt a little ill after supper but by the time the glittering camels marched in front of Much’s eyes, he knew something was wrong. He turned to Djaq, hoping she was sane enough to do something about it.. “We have been drugged.” he started. “I for one find it…” Much wasn’t sure how he found it, because another camel danced into his view, this one pink. “I have the antidote.” Djaq whispered, slipping it towards him. “Enough for two.” She added, eyes glittering with amusement, “Shall we watch them, Much?” It may not have been nice…but it was funny…

Much Saves The Day
“Well Much, this was your idea.” Robin grins in spite of his friend’s puzzled face as he finishes passing out the mugs of ale. “So its to you that Nottingham is saved.” he adds, and Much blinks at the praise, as the gang all raise their mugs to him. “I ought to lie down.” Much mutters, thinking that the fever might go away, but he’s not ill and he’s not dreaming even if he can’t believe it. Somehow though some stroke of luck his plan actually worked and here they are. He can’t believe it, but he likes it.

Music Appreciation
They may say that he’s terrible, but Much likes singing anyway. Especially around the fire at night, though when he tries to start up a song, everyone issues horrified protests. Most times Much gives in to Robin’s pleading and shuts up, but sometimes, like tonight, he’ll sing anyway. It makes him think of happier things, like home. His mother always said he sang nicely and after all, she never lied, unlike some people Much could name. Besides, the point of it isn’t how he sounds, it’s keeping things together and their spirits up. Someone’s got to do that around here.

Bit Of Honey…
“About these euphemisms…” Much begins, but when Djaq presses her lips to his, he forgets what he was going to say. It feels like maybe right now, he doesn’t need to get a word in anyway, but the minute that she pulls away and grins, it feels like he’s got to say something. “You taste like honey…” he says, and Djaq just laughs. “Who said anything about euphemisms?” she asks and Much just shakes his head and then returns her grin. “Never mind about that.” he says, and finds that he has never been so happy to be proven wrong.

True Confessions
“If you like someone come out and say it!” Much exclaimed, shaking his head at her.
“You are a fine one to talk!” Djaq teased back, and Much‘s face went warm.
“I…that is none of your..”
“I think it ought to be.” Djaq pressed on. “After all if a girl does not know that you like her, how does she have any chance, Hmm?”
“That…” if Much grinned like an idiot, who could blame him? Not Djaq, that was for sure. “I think I do…”
His confession was a bit stupid, but from Djaq’s smile, he’d got the point across.

End Of All Things
“Find something good every day. “ Much’s mother used to tell him and so Much has always tried to, even when it’s hard. Today he can’t seem to find anything good to think, and less to say. Robin was married…but then the rest of it…he can’t even know where to start for a long while. “I’m glad you’re here at least.” Robin says after a while, looking over and though he doesn’t smile, he looks better than he used to and Much nods, feeling his stomach unknot a little. Good enough for now? Much will just have to hope so.


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Jan. 4th, 2008 08:57 am (UTC)

Aww...thank you, I love it! You have captured Much so well, each one in a different way, but all so nicely in character. The mushroom incident was so funny--and of course, Djaq has the antidote...*g* Minor Details was my favorite, I think; it made me sad for Much, but you had him speaking French, which I loved.

I hope you get better soon! Thank you again for this, it was just what I wanted :)
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